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Some years back, we made a few Flowrider boards for Chris Taloa (Won), and got some attention when he strapped on and did barrel rolls and flips at a contest in Texas. He seems to have been ahead of his time. Current Flowrider boards look more like his designs, at least in terms of length and outline shape. Surflight Flowrider boards are designed with same core flex and spring characteristics as our other boards. And the core is surrounded with resilient foam and skin materials for durability and safety.

Double-end sq. 40” and 42”

Our latest model has an outline modeled after our double-end hybrid surfboard and a rocker similar to the WaveLoch Outlaw 42”—designed for more radical riding. The core has been redesigned for added strength and a little more weight as some riders felt that 3 to 4 lbs is too light. The new construction comes in about 5 lbs.

The Hansen 40”

In 2009, Steve Hansen of Ohio contacted us and we built a board of his design, the Hansen 40”. Here’s what Steve has to say about it:

"This Surflight Flowriding board is simply the best board available on the market today for the Flowrider. It is designed similar to the fiberglass boards that were used at the Kalahari resorts in Sandusky and the Dells for years. This board is very responsive which allows you to carve the wave like a pro. Spins become second nature with this intermediate to advanced board and no matter where you’re at it will take your riding to the next level."

Ellipse 44”

Similar curves to the Hansen 40 but more area to make it an easy rider. Great for beginner to intermediate level riders.


All of the flow boards have constructions similar to our surfboards—A tough TPE bottom skin, a premium EVA grip top skin, and hand finished high density EVA rails or edges. We also put Neoprene rubber on the ends for extra durability. Inside is an epoxy/fiberglass/wood core, formed with heat and pressure for strength and flex response.

Deck Grip

The EVA top grip comes in various colors:

    Black on lime, Purple on yellow, Black on orange, White, Yellow

    Black, Blue, Gray

    Rasta Camo, Red, Gray Camo

Flowrider Boards



40”, 42”, & 44”..........................................$295

Bottom skin color or carbon fiber pattern....$25

Custom Graphics......................................$25+

Additional charge for shipping.

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Bottom Color

The standard TPE bottom skin is white. We offer a variety of colors and patterns for an additional charge. Available colors include black, lime green, red, and orange. Titanium and Carbon fiber pattern are also available.

We also offer custom graphics printed on the bottom skin for an additional charge. See examples on the right.

42” DBL SQ

42” DBL SQ

42” DBL SQ

40” DBL SQ

40” DBL SQ

Hansen 40

Hansen 40

40” DBL SQ

42” DBL SQ

Hansen 40

Ellipse 44

42” DBL SQ

Satin Black

Matte Lime Green

Matte Red

Matte Orange

Titanium Metallic

Carbon Fiber