New Graphics

With the new skin (see below) we are able to print graphics right onto the skin. So we can do pretty much anything that can be printed from a computer. Shown are samples of vector drawings and photos printed onto the skin. You can supply the graphics/photo file if you like and we can put it on your board.

New Skin for 2013

Several years ago, we introduced a new tougher skin, a 20 mil sheet of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) that we glued to the board. It was super tough, hard to cut, and we rarely had repairs. The top skin had a slight texture, so you could surf without wax. Well, we are no longer able to get that material, so we have done months of research to come up with a replacement skin. The new skin is superior in some respects to the TPE. It is a little harder material so the boards feel a little firmer and less rubbery. It is also more resilient, so less prone to show small dents and creases from resting on sharp objects. It is also white, rather than off-white. And paints and inks will adhere to the new skin, so we can do more graphics. The one down side is the texture on the top skin is not grippy enough to go without wax. The rails are still hand finished with the same urethane. So we maintain our high performance finish with tuned rails and edges. The top and bottom skins are white, that’s it.  The rails can be any of our previous standard colors.

New Parabolic Construction

A couple of years back we starting working on an alternative construction that would be simpler to make, lighter, and still have good flex properties. We call it Parabolic because it has two stringers which follow the outline shape, similar to what are called parabolic stringers in conventional boards. The parabolic stringers form the sides of a torsion box with layers of fiberglass and carbon forming the top and bottom of the box. The rails outside the stringers are EPP. And it’s all covered by our TPE skin. The Parabolic has flex properties in between a conventional board and our standard engineered flex. They are light and have a very snappy flex so they feel like a very lively conventional board.

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