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Following the amazing growth of this sport and the rest of the industry, we decided to jump in too.  The Surflight technology is ideal for SUP.  It’s light, very durable, comfortable to paddle on—easy on your feet and legs because it absorbs the bumps—and it won’t take you out if you fall on it or it hits you.

Our SUP’s are some of the lightest boards in the market.  Some people think they are too light.  We can always make them a little heavier, no problem.  But light is great for carrying the board around and maneuvering it around in the water.

Your feet and legs will definitely last longer standing on our energy absorbing EPP deck.

No need for added traction layer.  The top skin texture has good grip.

We have three standard models:

9’6 x 29 x 4.5  All around..........$1050

10’0 x 30 x 4.5  All around........$1150

10’6 x 31 x 4.5  Paddler............$1250

The 9’6 is a great all-around wave and paddle board for average size people.  The 10’0 is a scaled up version of the 9’6 for more float and stability.  The 10’6 is a big stable floaty board for easy paddling and will support paddlers up to 225 lbs.

Prices include Surf Finz FCS compatible fin system or Fins Unlimited center finbox, fins, and choice of rail color. Additional charge for shipping.


10’0” All Around

9’6” Wave

Stand-Up Paddle Boards or SUP

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